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To the brave men, women and children of our country who died in the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Airplanes..
This is for you!
You will never be forgotten!
To everyone who has helped during this tragedy, rescue workers, police officers, fire fighters, volunteers and those who have donated money and blood...The country thanks you and your families for your hard work and dedication to the victims of this tragedy and to the United States of America.  Thank you for valuing our country and our way of life.
May you all be blessed!

NYC police officers saluting all those who lost their lives...

Many leaders and former president gathered for the "Prayer for America" in New York's Yankee Stadium.  Singing "We Shall Overcome"

September 15, 2001..Firefighter observing a moment of silence as one of many fallen firefighters is carried out of the wreckage..

A firefighter giving direction during the rescue operation...

Pulling a survivor out of the rubble during the rescue operation...

Firefighter emerging from the smoke and debris September 14, 2001..

Firefighter between what use to be the twin towers...

God bless the firefighters
all of those who were lost
to this tragedy!